Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Crown Jewel of Bountiful

I know, I know, I take a lot of sunset pictures.  Can't help it.  First, it is the star attraction of Bountiful, the reason people pay crazy money for a house on the east bench -- each one comes with its own evening light show.  There is more to my obsession than that, though. 

Sunsets and music are probably half the reason I even believe in God in the first place.  How can this miracle of ever changing beauty be merely a galactic happenstance, a statistical freak show of just rights -- distance, atmosphere, rotation, refraction, stability, temperature, and water abounding in an immense sea of absolute zero?  And what possible "survival advantage" could be so important that our eyes evolved to see this?  Or would the argument be that it was just a fortunate random occurrence, one of those evolutionary anomalies?  

Feel free to take those if you like.  For me, it is God, plain and simple, and each time I see one, it is like a smile (or sometimes even an ear to ear grin) from Heaven.  So if you feel I post a few too many, just think of it that way, and share the joy and comfort it brings.  

But in case you still think I am far too routine, here's tonight's full moon, just to really shake things up :-).  

Sunday, May 4, 2008


This was how my day began on May 1, 2008.  Do you think I miss SF?  Dang right I do.   Seriously, this is the latest I can remember snow in Utah in my entire life.  I will not be sad to see this winter go the way of all the earth.  

Fortunately, this is about how May 1st closed.  Guess there is a silver lining in most things.