Saturday, August 2, 2008

Proud of Our Girl

  Kate has been working hard all summer as one of the children's chorus in a local production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat.  The result came in the form of three shows this Wednesday through Friday.  The first day, she was so nervous, she never smiled once, was very tentative, and told us she didn't like it at all.  And believe it or not, she has always been very self - conscious when she is the center of attention in a large group, and getting up and performing has been a very, very hard thing for her to do.  

Our response was that everyone gets nervous, and that the only things she had to do to make us happy were to: (1) try hard and (2) have fun.  She received a ton of family support on Thursday night (THANKS FAM!) and began to enjoy herself, and by Friday, when I took these pictures, she was an old pro, having a great time and really getting into the show.

She was so at ease during the middle of the Friday show, that as she she and her group were out in the audience isles waiting to go up on stage, she nudged up close to my seat and whispered "Dad, make sure you get a picture of Joseph, I have a crush on him!"  Hence this photo.  I didn't bother mention that at 13 he was waaaay too old for her. She knows the age difference between her mother and I and wouldn't hesitate to use it against me.  I am in so much trouble.

At the end of the show, I walked up to tell her how proud I was, because she had tried hard and had fun.  Big softy that I am, I started to cry. Can you believe that? Sometimes I wonder if I am not genetically descended from a jellyfish -- no backbone whatsoever. But I really was just tickled that she had faced what for her was a really big fear, and had been able to smile through it and enjoy herself.  She is a great girl and I am a very lucky, even if totally pathetic and schmaltzy, dad.