Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

Isn't this the greatest Halloween House?   The fact that it offers "meat pies" is a nice added bonus.  I love Farmington.  It was eerily warm this Halloween -- I went out in short sleeves.  Keegan, however, was not so lucky . . .

"Now, can you tell me exactly 'what the heck' (a phrase he actually uses a lot these days) is going on here?"

Heaven forbid all of them should actually look and smile at me all at once.

Queen of the Nile, ready to conquer.  Happy Halloween everyone!


thebohans said...

I babysat for a girl just like Kate when I was in high school. Kate reminds me SO much of her- now she's into politics big time, traveling the world, saving the planet. Can;t wait to see what great things Kate grows up to do!

Annie said...

What a cute bunch!