Sunday, November 16, 2008

Birthdays and Cousins (for the fam)

Since Alden's birthday is November 10th, and Keegan's birthday is November 24th, we celebrated their birthdays jointly this year, with all of the in-town Moon and Bailey cousins coming over to the house, then heading down to Kangaroo Zoo, aka Birthday Nirvana. It was a great day for all, with Alden scoring not one, but two "force action light sabers" (talk about heaven for that boy) and Keegan getting his very own, battery powered, model Catepillar wheel loader (He is a big fan of heavy machinery and anything on wheels).  But the highlight was fun with cousins and family.  Here are a few pics.   

Uncle Bryan, visiting from Philadelphia, even came --what a treat. (We missed Tricia and Alyssa and Mason, though, who are still there.)

Here is Keegan attacking the dragon at Kangaroo Zoo with cousin Sam.  

I can't believe how Kate has grown. Seems like she changes every day.  Such a beauty.

Cousin Erin has apparently inherited her mom's penchant for being goofy in every photo possible.

Uncle Steve and Cousin Liam finishing up the steepest slide in the place.


 Jared kelly and Jude having some fun.

Uncle Jared and cousin Jude.

Keegan barreling down the "big one."  No Fear.

So there you have it. All told, I think it was one of the funnest Birthdays of their lives. Ok, so they are only 2 and 4 respectively, but still . . . it was a great time. Thanks to everyone who came!!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Why would this rainy day Monday, in the middle of the most serious economic downturn of our lifetimes, be one of the greatest days ever, you ask?  Because my little man Alden was born this day four years ago!  Happy Birthday little buddy!  You may not know it, but it was hard work to get you into this world: your poor mom found out that her epidural only worked on the left side of her body as she went through a cesarian for you; and your poor dad had to watch your poor mom go through that!  (OK, OK, so maybe I got the better end of that deal, but it was one of the worst, most helpless feelings of my life.) 

Any way you look at it, though, you are totally worth it little buddy!  (I think I can even speak for your mom on that one . . . )  WE LOVE YOUR GUTS! (and the rest of you too, of course!)

Alden got a (and I better get this right or he will correct me) Force Action Changing Blade Color Light Saber for his birthday today. (Thanks Grandma & Grandpa!) He has been in heaven all day, and has slaughtered me at least 100 times.  He also learned how to use photobooth on our Mac, and created the images below himself.  The first one is worthy of any Star Wars creature, don't you think? 

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Voting Day!

Just a quick reminder for everyone, it is a glorious thing to vote. Please do.  Preferably for Obama, of course :-) . . . but by all means vote, even if the right wing crazies have you thinking an Obama presidency is the end of the world (Alan, say it ain't so . . . ).  

God bless America, and this beautiful little corner of Farmington.  

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Battening Down the Hatches

One of the Utah things that has taken some getting used to is that every fall you must spend several Saturdays battening down the hatches before the first winter storm.  While we grew up here, we were blissfully irresponsible sponges (aka teenagers/non-married young adults) living off the goodness of our parents then.  In all of our lives until now, we have never been responsible adults in a winter climate.  Well, it is a lot of work, darn it.   So today marked the second (of likely three) Saturdays that we have spent cleaning the yard, planting bulbs, preparing the house and the yard for snow, etc.   Today was rake the leaves day. Picture here courtesy of Kate, who worked very hard to get two smiling boys to look at her.