Sunday, May 9, 2010

Simply Amazing

For those of you who don't know this already, my wife is simply amazing. There are more specific examples than one can or should count on this front, but I'll try to give a small sampling.

Amazing as in gave birth to three of the most beautiful, intelligent and warm children ever.

Amazing as in up every morning at 5:00 a.m. to work out with her friend/partner, Joanna Bell (above) without fail; lost 27 pounds in 6 months, and topped it off by taking fourth in her age bracket at her first mini-triathlon, just yesterday.

Amazing as in works as a stock analyst every day, understanding complex economic and financial matters, while planning and executing a very busy family calendar of tae kwon do, soccer, swimming, skating, and piano; cooking gourmet quality, healthy meals almost every night, overseeing the kids' education with a keen eye, meeting teachers and principles and making sure homework gets done.

Amazing as in doing all that while managing family finances, washing laundry, reading stories at bed-time, directing ward choir, and baking dinner and pies for friends and neighbors.

I know what you are thinking -- no way is that the true picture. There has to be some huge flaw, some hidden underside -- otherwise, why would she have married a run-of-the mill, pudgy schmuck like you?

All I can say in response is that the above is absolutely true, with nary a hidden dark side in sight (unless you count an inherited, irrational belief that all places can be reached in time as long as you leave home five minutes beforehand).

As for why she married me--well, you just have to realize that at times, the world makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. That can be a bad thing, but in this case, for me, it is one of the great miracles ever to happen on the face of the planet.

Alden, (who loves Lego with a 24-7 passion that has to be seen to be believed) decided he loved his mom so much that the other day he spontaneously made his own special Lego heart to give to her, just to tell her how he felt. We all feel the way he does -- we know she is very special each and every day.

Love you sweetheart. Happy Mothers Day.