Sunday, June 19, 2011

One More For The Road

Fittingly, given my post last night, this Fathers Day ended with a spectacular sunset.  Kate and I ran out of the house and drove up the road five minutes, then spent 20 minutes or so talking as we watched God paint living sky and dying sea with the roses, yellows and oranges only He can make. I told Kate one of my deepest beliefs is that God made sunsets to tell us He is always there and that He always loves us.  It was as good an ending to a Fathers Day as I can imagine.  So here is one more sunset photo, for the road.

Melts Me

Keegan made my whole day today.  I was buckling him into the car, and he said, "Dad, you know what I love about you? "

"What?" I asked.


He is the best. His favorite thing to do is snuggle in the wee hours of night or day.  He can’t sleep alone to save his life, he just really needs someone (usually Alden or his mom) to cuddle with.  One night a couple of weeks ago, none of those options were available, but I was in bed, and I asked him if I would do. “Oh, I guess so” was the less than enthusiastic response.  But then he got in and snuggled up, and after a few minutes, he quietly said, “Dad, did you know that butterfly kisses are really special?”  Immediately followed by, “I am going to give you two butterfly kisses!” Which he did.  

So what's not to love about being the dad of Keegan?  Not a thing. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011


We spent this evening getting reacquainted with a dear old friend, and had a wonderful time. Recently I read a story about a hospice nurse of twenty years who had compiled a list of the most commonly expressed life regrets. Not making more time to spend with family and friends was one of them, and I feel that in my bones most days. Another was not keeping a diary or journal.  I don't know why blogging has been so hard for me of late, but clearly I need to take time to do what is important or I'll have regrets when I leave this world.

Tonight, however, there were none, as we slowed down and enjoyed good conversation and being around our wonderful house with the sound of kids playing in the background.  We sat in our back yard as the sun painted pink and orange light on the Bountiful Temple, which on a very good (OK truly remarkable) day, can look like this:

Later we walked out to our front yard just in time to see the sun set over the Great Salt Lake.  I will never get tired of that sight.  Here are a few examples why, and why I really should slow down and enjoy this special place every night:

I could go on, but I am sure you get the picture (sorry, couldn't resist).  Honestly, where else can you see something like that just by stepping out your door, or driving just a few minutes up the road?  How blessed are we.

I did have the chance to drive out near the lake one evening a couple of weeks ago. Stilts and Avocets have taken over the world out there, blissfully ignoring fences and failed farm tools, their innate memories knowing that they were here long before we came and that they will still be coming here long after we leave. Here are a few photos.

This last Avocet was very concernedly trying to gather her chicks under her wings as I drove by, but this one little fella just would not come to save his life.  Must have been from Jerusalem.

No need to drive to enjoy the beauty of birds though.  Lazuli Buntings, Rufus Finches, Jays, Western Tanagers and Grossbeaks frequent our deck, thanks to bags of seed from Costco, bless their corporate heart.

Here are a few photos taken from inside the house:

In the words of the great Sachmo -- What a Wonderful World.  Here's to no regrets.