Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Little Spring Hiking

So at 54 I find myself in the very worst shape ever.  A couple of years battling a little arthritis in my back and bad knees will do that to a guy who never in even the wildest imagination was an athlete. Decided to take advantage of unusually warm weather and melting snow to try and change that with a little spring hiking.

The bad news is that folks in these parts don't even know what a "switchback" is, and the trails pretty much reflect that.  Hard way to start for an old guy.  The good news: I haven't had a heart attack . . . yet (and I've tried, believe me -- stress tests are uphill walking, right?).  So there is that.  The other good news:  I really do love it, always have.  Here are a few photos from a hike above City Creek Canyon.

Downtown, the valley's east side, and the Wasatch Front.

My alma mater, the U.

It was a nice fullish moon, that allowed for later hiking. Caught it just as this plane headed east under it. Fly me to the moon maybe? (Sing it Frank).  Below is a picture of beautiful City Creek Canyon in the late evening light.

My next hike was in Centerville, near my home, up a place called Duell Creek.

While it looks dry, we really have had great snow and water this year, thank goodness. It is needed. but the signs of it are visible in the landslide below.

I chose the one on the left. Probably a little ambitious. Went straight up and ended up being no more than a deer trail across pretty darn steep terrain.

If you look close, you can see someone has actually put a flag pole, complete with American Flag, on the top of that peak there. This is the point where the trail turned sketchy, and while I followed it pretty far, it started to get dark, so I didn't quite make it to the flag.

Saw some awesome scenery on the way though, including this little hidden waterfall below me.  The pic does not do the steepness of this spot justice. Perhaps the one below gives a little idea.

Sunset over the Great Salt Lake from the trail. It is so nice to be out in it, feeling like I am actually taking advantage of all this place has to offer. Here is hoping that I can find the time to keep it up. Wish me luck.  And speaking of sunsets, here is one from my back deck last week. I am telling you, this is a pretty great place.

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Julie said...

Awesome photos of this incredible place we get to call home!